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Mount Herschel through an
iceberg at Cape Hallett
the first site of LGP

Mary Sewell
Antarctica New Zealand
Pictorial Collection K018:03/04

Welcome to the website of the Latitudinal Gradient Project (LGP), a project that supported scientists in investigations related to the broad theme of ecosystems research.

The LGP was operational in Antarctica from 2002 till itís last field season in 2011. Although the project has been officially ended, results that have come from LGP support continue to be published.

The LGP brought together the thoughts and energies of international scientists in a focused way,  while maintaining a degree of individual research direction as well as strengthening collaborations between partners in the Ross Sea region.

The LGP was based on the concept that if we place our work related to ecosystems research within a single broad theoretical base (key issue) we can maximise the transfer of information and ideas, utilise large environmental datasets and utilise joint logistic facilities.

The LGP contributes to the SCAR biology programme Evolution and Biodiversity in the Antarctic (EBA).