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Tim Haskell
Antarctica New Zealand
Pictorial Collection:K131:02/03

The LGP defined an overarching, general hypothesis that:

Ice-driven dynamics control the structure and function of ecosystems (marine, terrestrial and freshwater) along the latitudinal gradient encompassed by Victoria Land.

From the general hypothesis, eight key questions emerged. They were:

  1. How does ecosystem structure and function change with latitude, and why?
  2. What is the role of persistent, large-scale ice structures in defining community composition?
  3. How do snow and ice dynamics influence ecosystems and ecosystem processes?
  4. How does climate affect the availability and composition of free water?
  5. How does climate affect the predictability, persistence and extent of sea ice cover?
  6. How are key marine biological processes influenced by sea ice conditions?
  7. How does soil development influence terrestrial ecosystems?
  8. To what extent are past conditions preserved in paleoindicators?

These key questions were to be the driving force for the studies undertaken within the framework of the LGP, and were reviewed annually.