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Adelie Penguins around
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Megan Balks
Antarctica New Zealand
Pictorial Collection:K123:03/04

The LGP framework was not run by any one organisation or individual. Each of the collaborators listed in the International Collaboration section conducted their research within their own programmes, but their goals worked towards answering the key questions asked by the LGP.

The national Antarctic programmes involved in the LGP took different approaches to supporting the LGP-related research:

New Zealand: Antarctica New Zealand assumed the role of project facilitator for the New Zealand portion of the LGP. The organisation provided logistical support to New Zealand events working within the framework of LGP, and developed international linkages. A Project Manager was appointed to coordinate this role.

A New Zealand LGP Science Steering Committee (LSSC) was formed to co-ordinate the group of New Zealand LGP researchers towards the aim of attaining the scientific goals of the project. Collaboration and interdisciplinary research was fostered and encouraged by the LSSC.

United States: The Office of Polar Programs supported research that fell under the LGP framework through its regular science and logistics application process.

Italy: The Italian Antarctic Programme supported many events along the Victoria Land coast that contributed to the goals of LGP.