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Penguin chick at
Cape Hallett Rookery

Gus McAllister/Rachel Brown
Antarctica New Zealand
Pictorial Collection:K002:03/04

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Public data sets

Biodiversity Database: The Australian Antarctic Data Centre houses the Biodiversity Database for the EBA project.

LTER data products: These are currently restricted to data collected at the McMurdo Dry Valleys.

Evolution and Biodiversity in the Antarctic portal in the Antarctic Master Directory

Cape Hallett data products

Terra Nova Bay area data products

Koettlitz Glacier Baseline Data Sheet

Pyramid Trough Baseline Data Sheet

Darwin Glacier region data products

Italian Antarctic Research Programme climate observations: The Italian Antarctic Programme runs 15 Automatic Weather Stations covering its areas of operation. Seven of these are located along the Victoria Land coast.
Click on AWS graphics to obtain graphs for selected sites, variables and timescales.

University of Wisconsin Automatic Weather Stations: this site holds data for several US run AWS in Antarctica. Eight of these are located along the Victoria Land coast.

Scott Base current weather

United States Department of Agriculture Antarctic soil climate AWS data.

On-line Ross Sea Region GIS containing Soils, Topographic data and 125m satellite imagery for the Ross Sea Region of Antarctica.