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Sunset at Cape Hallett

Ken Ryan
Antarctica New Zealand
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2010 LGP Special Edition of Antarctic Science

2006 LGP Special Edition of Antarctic Science

Special Edition of Soil Biology and Biochemistry -  Antarctic Victoria Land Soil Ecology

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Selectied Earlier LGP-related publications
Berkman, P.A., Cattaneo-Vietti R., Chiantore, M. and Howard-Williams, C. 2004. Polar emergence and the influence of increased sea-ice extent on the Cenozoic biogeography of pectinid molluscs in Antarctic coastal areas. Deep-Sea Research, 11:1839-1855.

Berkman, P.A.  Cattaneo-Vietti , R.  Chiantore, M.  Howard-Williams, C.  Cummings, V. Kvitek, R.
Marine research in the Latitudinal Gradient Project along Victoria Land, Antarctica.
Scientia Marina 69: 57-63, 2005.

Brabyn, L., Green, T.G.A., Beard, C., Seppelt, R. 2005. GIS Geos Nano: Vegetation Studies in Victoria Land, Antarctica. New Zealand Geographer 61(2): 139-147.

Norkko, J., Norkko, A., Thrish, S.F., Cummings, V. 2005. Detecting growth under environmental extremes: Spatial and temporal patterns in nucleic acid ratios in two Antarctic bivalves. Journal of experimental marine biology and ecology 326: 144-156.

Reports (Please note that some of these may take a while to download)

The Latitudinal Gradient Project “A Discussion Paper”, 2000

Italian Report on the Victoria Land Latitudinal Gradient Project, Workshop Report, Siena, Italy, July 2000

The Latitudinal Gradient Project 2001 – Christchurch Workshop Report, August 2000

Latitudinal Ecosystem Responses to Climate Across Victoria Land, Antarctica, Byrd Polar Research Center Workshop Report, Columbus, Ohio, April 2001

Latitudinal Gradients in Victoria Land SCAR Workshop, Amsterdam, August 2001

Latitudinal Gradient Project Science Overview May 2003

Latitudinal Gradient Project Cape Hallett Camp Initial Environmental Evaluation, June 2003

Site Description and Literature Review of Cape Hallett and Surrounding Areas, May 2003

Site Description and Literature Review of the Brown Hills and Darwin Glacier Region, August 2004

International LGP Workshop, Hobart, Final Report November 2006

Latitudinal Gradient Project Science and Operational Overview March 2007


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LGP - Is Latitude the Greatest Driver of Diversity? (2010)

LGP - Celebrating 5 Years of Integrative Research (2008)

LGP Contributing to Evolution and Biodiversity in Antarctica (2006)

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