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LINZ bathymetry of Cape Hallett area

NIWA multibeam map of Cape Hallett area

Meteorological Data



1957 - 1964 From Cape Hallett Station. See 'notes' section in workbook for sources and further information.

All raw data
Monthly Radiation

Summer only meteorological data from Cape Hallett Station
(Retrieved from the US National Climate Data Centre)
Explanation of columns

30 April 2002 - 13 January 2004

Note: no data between 24/1/03 and 22/2/03. Supplied by Ian Hawes at NIWA.
Notes download for further information on this data.

December 2003

LTER data
Note that the NIWA and LTER data overlap as one unit was installed while the other was removed between Dec 03 and Jan 04.

2004 LTER Metadata
2005 LTER Metadata
2006 Note shift in data at download date on 2 Jan 06.
LTER Metadata
2007 Note shift in data when downloaded on 11 Nov 07 at 13:15
LTER Metadata
- ARGOS (38338) transmitter was installed November 2007.

Ownership of AWS transferred from MCM LTER to University of Wisconsin Antarctic Meteorological Research Center (AMRC) in November 2009.

Note gap in data between 26 Nov 09 01:15 and 27 Nov 09 03:15

Raw data


Raw data

LTER Cape Hallett AWSwebsite
University of Wisconsin AMRC Cape Hallett AWS Page

Soils Data (from University of Waikato probes logging on a NZ logger)

Note that the LTER and AMRC AWS data above also include soil temperatures at 5cm and 10cm depth.



30 April 2002 – 13 January 2004

NIWA AWS installed at Cape Hallett in April 2002. Ian Hawes is contact. Includes 4 x temperature sensors at 10cm depth.
AWS removed January 2004 (replaced by LTER AWS), but soil temperature probes remain.

2004 No data available.
January 2004:
- MRC temperature probe installed by University of Waikato (Megan Balks). Probe sticking out of the ground approx 10cm.
- 3 Vitel hydra probes installed to approx 10cm depth. Measure temperature and moisture as well as a range of other variables (e.g. salinity). Only get data out of two of these probes: H1 installed on a mound and H2 installed in a hollow.
Data from MRC, H1*, H2*
2006 Data from MRC, H1*, H2* and 3 of the 4 original temperature probes.
2009 Data from MRC, H1*, H2* and 3 of the 4 original temperature probes.
2010 Data from MRC, H1*, H2* and 3 of the 4 original temperature probes.
2011 Data from MRC, H1*, H2* and 3 of the 4 original temperature probes.

*Note that data other than temperature are raw data and should be used with caution. Contact Megan Balks at University of Waikato for further information.

All data are to be acknowledged to the Latitudinal Gradient Project

Baseline Data
This is the completion of a pre-prepared form describing the different aspects of a site. The form is similar to RiSCC's (now EBA) baseline data form so that sites along the latitudinal gradient have comparable descriptors.
Seabee Hook
Cape Hallett Scree Slope
Luther Lake (below Luther Peak)
Towles Glacier Neve
Cape Wheatstone
Cotter Cliffs

Cape Hallett Sea Ice Records
Sea Ice History 1959-2003
Sea ice information for the 03/04 season
Sea ice information for the 04/05 season
Sea ice information for the 05/06 season